33 thoughts on “Budapest Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Ke Dav says:

    I live there and I can 100% agree with this video. I've seen so much capitals but none of them is so charming and beautiful as Budapest.
    Maybe I love it more because I'm Hungarian and proud of it, but for sure this city is must to visit once in a lifetime.
    You'll instantly fell in love even if it's summer or winter.
    And also one of the cheapest cities in Europe, especially compared to London or Paris where beer is about 5€ or 4£ in average, but here in Budapest you can get a crafted beer around 2£ if you go to an EXPENSIVE bar. The food, the views, the drinks and everything is really cool here.
    Maybe the biggest issue here is the government. It is reflecting on people, that you'll see. They're living their life day to day and struggling to earn success. Just to keep it simple. Anyway we're really cool and friendly and do everything from our hearts and you're really welcomed here. 🙂
    I hope you'll visit us and enjoy your time here.
    Oh… If it's not enough, you might have heard about Sziget Festival. 😉 Also cheap compared to another big Europen festivals. I hope we'll meet there in August.
    Cheers and love from heart of Europe to all you beautiful people 😉

  2. Wilmer Wong says:

    Wow! Budapest is one of the most picturesque cities i've ever seen. The architecture of this city is eye-catching and the sceneries are really breathtaking.

  3. jim mazzochi says:

    I love this beautiful video, I must say when I'm homesick and not able to be in my birth city at the moment of time, I just look at this beautiful video !!!
    It captures everything (all the basics) some of the history sad and cruel, but it's past made this capitol city to be what all Hungarian is really proud of !
    And my heart is filled with love to say, I'm ready to introduce my incredible "home-town" to the whole entire world !!!

  4. Sándor Hajnal says:

    Európa közepén él egy kis nép, amelyik 1000 éve alkot nagyot, jelentősebbeket, mintsem számaránya indokolná. Nincs oly európai főváros, amelyikben ennyi fürdő lenne, építészete, zenéje, nyelve, ételei, olimpiai érmei, Nobel díjasai, találmányai sokkal többre hivatottabbá teszi.(Olyanokat alkotott, mint a kontinens első földalatti vasútja, Európa legnagyobb zsinagógája, vagy a vár a világ 3. legnagyobbja, vagy a parlamentje a 3. legnagyobb…és még sorolhatnánk. Miközben vesztes háborúkban, forradalmakban vett részt a XX. században. Mi lenne itt ha nem ez történt volna? Ha nem ilyen himnuszunk lenne?)

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